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Let me be your guide in refining your approach to blended education and training. My services span a variety of training programs, specializing in online and blended learning, and introducing cutting-edge solutions to your organization.

What People Say

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Margaret Forrest

I have known and worked with Jelle for a relatively short time but the relationship has been extremely rewarding and educational. We have worked on digitalizing a three-year course that has been, for many years, used from just a website,

In our time together Jelle has given valuable input about structure, digital interactive possibilities, and the educational reasons and goals within our program. The communication between us had been very satisfactory and swift. Jelle is clear about his method, time, and necessary questions. English and Dutch were no problem for him as we needed both languages. His humor was also a nice additive. Thank you Jelle and looking forward to having you on board as our consultant.


Wouter van de Kamp

I have known Jelle for many years and in various capacities. First, as a teacher, where I experienced that he is able to quickly break down complex material into smaller, more understandable chunks so that you can quickly absorb the material with the bigger picture in view. This gives confidence and pleasure in learning. In addition, Jelle knows better than anyone how to deal with different learning styles, so that everyone in the group can join in.
Later on, we became colleagues and I experienced that Jelle really has a great passion for further developing education. This is by looking beyond his field and integrating, trying, or developing new forms of learning and techniques if they are not available. All this with infectious enthusiasm and great accuracy. In addition, Jelle also has a very nice and social personality, which makes it very nice to work together. Which I hope to be able to do very often in the future.


Nuno Rodrigues

I’ve had the pleasure to know and work with Jelle in a few different settings. First as a teacher and later as a colleague and team member. As a teacher, he completely changed my perception and attitude towards education and how a student can or should be motivated. Jelle strongly believes, and I have quickly come to agree, that the will to learn comes from within and that the teacher’s most important role is to be a guide to that discovery instead of just being a vessel of information. As a colleague and team leader, he is extremely pleasant to work with, open-minded to different points of view, and able to delegate and empower others to reach their potential.

I look at Jelle as a mentor and an inspiration and I am sure he will add an extremely valuable contribution to the optimization and implementation of any educational program!

Proefielfoto Estella

Estella Griffioen

I have known Jelle for years. We worked together within Inholland, and I am happy to continue this collaboration with my company Didactivate.

Working with Jelle is a joy. In addition to being a substantive strong collaboration partner, Jelle is someone who keeps to agreements, can go ahead, and is also pleasant to deal with. His curiosity for educational innovation and technology means that Jelle is aware of the latest developments. There is a good chance that he has already experimented with it himself.


Andrea Henning

Jelle knows better than anyone how to guide us through complexity and empower us.
His strength is to create transparency, in which we also face our struggles.
This supports innovation where everyone is on board.